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Media Matters

Media management and media relations are two important functions that should be included in a comprehensive business communication strategy. Both offer a platform and opportunity to communicate important information to people that are and could be important to your business.

Media management refers to the process of planning, placing and evaluating content on a business’ media platforms such as its website and its social media platforms.

Media relations refers to the process of building mutually beneficial relationships with journalists, bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. It includes sharing important business information with them, for placement on their platforms.


Media management offers a planned and structured way in which businesses can oversee the placement of important information on their own communication platforms. It promotes the creation of client/consumer-friendly information and the facilitating of important stakeholder conversations.

Media relations promotes continuous engagement with information- and news distributors, as well as perception-shapers, such as journalists. It helps a business expand on its reach, and sphere of influence, as third-party experts comment on the business on platforms that are visited by people who might not necessarily visit and engage on the business’s own communication platforms.



  • Make sure that the information you communicate is relevant to the people who visit and engage on your communication platforms.

  • Make sure that you monitor and react to people’s responses.

  • Make sure that you time the distribution of information and key business messages so that it falls within the expectations of the people who will engage with it.

  • Make sure that you communicate the value people will get from engaging with your business.


  • Make sure that you understand the nature, format and target audience of communication platforms that you don’t have control over.

  • Make sure you distribute information that is correct and up to date and easy to understand, to develop relationships with journalists that are based on trust and respect.

  • Make sure you distribute information that is on par with your business goals but present it in such a way that it helps the user (reader, viewer or listener) makes sense of their world.


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