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What We Do

Pronk is a communications consultancy to individuals, events, organisations and companies.

Communication Management 

Research & Plan

Communication Management 

Execute & Evaluate

Research and Planning
Creativity requires input, and that is what research is.
You're gathering material with which to build.
It does not do
to leave a live dragon
out of your calculations,
if you live near one.

Business Strategy & - Plan Evaluation 

Stakeholder Perception Analysis 

Stakeholder Mapping 

Communication Audits 

Brand Development

Communication Strategy Development 
Issue Monitoring 

Campaign Development 

Communication Plan Development 

Communication Policy Development 

Crisis Communication Planning  

Media Planning 

Social Involvement Planning

Execution and Monitoring
To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.

Website Management and Monitoring  

Social Media Management and Monitoring 

Media Vault Management (Photos, Videos, Graphics) 

Writing and Editing 

Media Relations and Publicity (Online, Print, Broadcast)

Paid Media Management

Trade Exchanges and Advertorials 

Networking, Conferences and Exhibitions 

Events Management 

Public Relations Programmes 

Promotional, Educational and Sales Material 

Targeted Internal (Employee) and External (Stakeholder) Communication

Sponsorships and Partnerships 

Community Relations 

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