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Lock Down on Your Business

In just a few days many small businesses have had to deal with the anxiety and stress of planning for an uncertain future.

It’s not business as usual. Suddenly the one-hour brainstorming session small business owners had planned for the end of the year to reflect on their goals for the next 5 years has to make way for an emergency online lekgotla to determine what needs to happen today.

COVID-19 has surely made a case for business continuity planning. Planning for the future, monitoring your actions and evaluating your progress can’t happen just once a year.

If you’re feeling insecure about your business and not sure what your next steps should be, allocate a good chunk of your time and budget to communication and research, especially now that you might have more time to focus on it. Communication is at the heart of business continuity.

Pronk has put together a small business support plan which is ideal for small business owners with limited human resources.

We conduct research about the people that are important to your business.
We compare their perceptions and expectations to your business strategy and goals.
We put the necessary communication plans (website, social media, publicity) in place to help communicate your brand benefits.
We help think of ways you can do things smarter when lockdown is lifted.

These areas of your business might require your attention now:

After completing our small business support plan you'll have access to a communication strategy that:

  • is aligned with your business goals.

  • considers the expectations and perceptions of the people that are important to your business.

  • identifies and monitors important issues happening in your community and the business world.

You will also have a communication plan that:

  • highlights important brand messages you need to communicate.

  • organise social media and website content that are relevant to your stakeholders.

  • offers guidelines to your team on how to live and apply your brand promise and identity.

  • identifies newsworthy content that you should communicate to media representatives.

One of the important choices successful business owners make is to plan for the future by communicating with the people that are important to their business. Uncertainty and an ever-changing world can have devastating effects on small businesses and dash the dreams of any aspiring mogul, especially if their support is limited.


Pronk’s discounted small business support plan is available to companies with a staff complement less than 40 people. To learn more, book your online introductory session here or email us at



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