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Mind Your Own Business

What people think (about your business) is your business. Just ask a business owner who can’t pay salaries because consumers or clients decided to do business with a company that offers a similar product or service but at a higher price point.

Why on earth would they do that? It’s incomprehensible, right? Well, have you asked them why? Remember, price is only one of the factors people consider before making a purchase or booking a service.

Taking time to understand the people that are important to your business is crucial to reaching your business goals (and to your happiness).

If you're considering partnering with a communications agency, allocating time towards research should be included in any comprehensive proposal. If not, you are most likely wasting your money on work that is not relevant to your target audiences and not focused on reaching your business goals.

Research is the cornerstone of any good communication strategy and plan. Here is a quick overview of research activities your communications agency should help you with:

  • Business Owner and Top Management Perception Analysis

  • Work Team Perception Analysis Business Strategy Evaluation

  • Stakeholder Mapping and Perception Analysis

  • Sales and Market Analysis

  • Communication (Content, Tone and Systems) Analysis

  • Brand Personality Audit (includes Media Monitoring/Publicity Analysis)

  • SWOT Analysis

There is value in understanding what people value. Knowing what people expect, and what their perceptions are, gives your communications team goals to work towards and key performance indicators to measure.

What people think and what you think they think are two very different things.


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